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My Uncle Ben told me the secret to being a good photographer was to take lots and lots of pictures, then only share the best ones.  So every day I  try to share one great photo.  That isn’t as easy as it sounds.

When I travel, I take so many I love, and I want to share them all.  This project has taught me to edit and find the one image which really captures the essence of what I am seeing and feeling rather than 20 which become tedious to the viewer.

When I am home, I get caught up in the daily grind.  It is sometimes hard to stop and take a few pictures. Knowing I need a picture for the blog forces me to look at the world a little differently.  I always stop and think, would that be a good picture?

Taking lessons with Paul D’Andrea, I learned to apply basic techniques, to make great effects happen deliberately. He taught me to bring my point of view into each photos.  So this is my point of view.



Art House

This house has graced the grounds of the art's garden at the Indianapolis Art Center for years.  The change this year is the addition of the yellow and white paint.  I love the...

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Beautiful Bride

Some of my favorite people photos are the ones you take when they aren't looking at the camera, like this one.  The bride, Kasie was still focused on other things when I snapped this right before she walked down the aisle....

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Woman Studying

One of the coolest installations at this year's Installation Nation is a series of ceramic sculptures created by a group of women. Each woman did three pieces depicting women at different stages of life. This is one of my favorite pieces. The installations will be on...

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Tiny Houses

I am not sure this is what most people think of when they hear the phrase "tiny house" but I love this interpretation.  It is part of an installation at the Indianapolis Art Center, organized by Primary...

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Pink Up Close

Zooming in on a pink flower up close, I love the intricate details you can see.  It looks like an entirely different world. Studying this as a landscape you can see the inspiration for a sci fi...

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Cat in the Hat

A few years ago Rebecca made hats for the cats. Little wool hats in Roundpeg colors. While they looked cute, I can say neither cat was really happy about the chance to make a fashion statement. Benny especially despises his. Whenever we put it on him, which by the way...

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Benny and Clyde in the Closet

Our older office cat, Clyde has always liked hanging out in the closet. She jumps high on the shelf, looking down on the rest of us and especially Benny. As you can tell from this photo she is none too pleased that he has found a way to make it on the shelf. For his...

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Sun on the Flowers

Late one afternoon, I stopped by the art center and these flowers were the most interesting things there. I love how the late afternoon sun seems to illuminate the flowers.  The petals are like little mirrors, reflecting the light in new...

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Ruins at Holiday Park

Looking at this picture, you might think this photo was taken in Rome or  Greece.  It certainly looks like the ruins of an ancient world, but they aren't. Instead, these pretend ruins stand close to the entrance of Holiday Park in Indianapolis. So where did they come...

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