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Coffee for a Queen

Looking at the rows and rows of great china and silver owned by the Hapsburgs it is hard not to be overwhelmed. While the pieces were stunning, some of my favorites were these simple coffee cups....
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Blue Chiciago

The sky was blue, the water was blue, and so was this flower.  Yes I have bumped up the saturation to make the blues a bit more...
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View on the River

All the cities we visited on our vacation this year shared several things in common : exceptional architecture, sunny blue skies and spectacular views along the river.  This was one of my favorite views of Prague, you could see the giant church and many small...
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Looking Up

In large cities, the tall buildings are often very close together making it challenging to get a great photo.  The closer you are, the more they seem to angle toward each other.  Sometimes this distortion annoys me, but on this particular day, I loved the way the...
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I own a digital agency called Roundpeg where I spend a lot of time thinking about content marketing, social media and web design. 
But my company does not define all that I am.

this blog is about everything else

It is about animals, art and theater, architecture, food, flowers, nature, travel and my home town of Indianapolis.

flowers, trees and sunsets

food, glorious food

lions, tigers, bears and kittens

where in the world