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Once Beautiful, Still Beautiful

Driving home at dusk, I love to stop at Dubenspeck Park.  I can walk a little, get a few steps and enjoy the view.  As the sun sets it casts a red glow over the field changing the colors of all the dying plants and they look...
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November Flower

The mild fall has left a smattering of color at a time we are typically already completely gray.   I found these flowers hanging on.  I had to snap the photo because I know they will be gone in a day or...
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Last Color on 91st Street

My drive to work is fairly short, but stunning 3/4 of the year. It includes the strip of 91st Street between Ditch and Springmill. Lining the street on both sides are these spectacular trees which turn green early and then burst into yellow in the fall.  The sky is a...
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Last Bits of Color

My neighbor has this amazing hedge. It is comprised of different bushes which change color at different times.  This year there was this perfect moment with red, yellow and...
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I own a digital agency called Roundpeg where I spend a lot of time thinking about content marketing, social media and web design. 
But my company does not define all that I am.

this blog is about everything else

It is about animals, art and theater, architecture, food, flowers, nature, travel and my home town of Indianapolis.

flowers, trees and sunsets

food, glorious food

lions, tigers, bears and kittens

where in the world