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The Architecture of Washington

Wandering through the city it is hard to miss the different architectural styles.  From federalist to classic Victorian, with a bit of modern thrown in. The eclectic mixture is what gives Washington, DC it's signature style ( or lack there of).  Some of my favorite...
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Winter Flowers

I was surprised to see these flowers, alive on the grounds of the Smithsonian on a very cold December day.  But there they were.  Their bright color seemed out of sync with the weather and the season, so I corrected the image in the editing phase. I took all the green...
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The Grandeur of Days Gone By

Wandering through Regan National Airport we stumbled upon a corridor that is rarely used these days, but you could tell it was once the main hallway of the airport. The marble floors and grand staircase gave a glimpse of what the airport looked like when it opened 75...
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The White House

You can't drive down Pennsylvania Ave. anymore. There are security barriers, but you can still look through the wrought iron fence to see The White House. Graceful, and not overly pretentious, the building suits the hardworking, plainspoken image of our nation our...
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